Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that the following pages may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency
Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency


Welcome to Mangkaja Arts

Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency is a vibrant Aboriginal owned and governed art centre representing the five language groups of the Fitzroy Valley in the West Kimberley region of WA. We are a not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation and support economic, social and cultural development for over 200 Indigenous artists and their families.

Mangkaja Artists are renowned for their uninhibited style, and lively use of colour, painting images of country that share stories of culture and identity. Mangkaja Artists are innovators exploring new medium development and consistently pushing the bounds of Indigenous art. Mangkaja Artists feature in major prizes, national public and private collections and exhibit nationally and internationally.

We are thrilled to present a selection of new works produced through the COVID lockdown for DAAF 2020 which includes artworks by some of our most senior artists and new emerging stars. All six of our NATSIAA finalists have work on offer!

Thanks for visiting our booth and for supporting Mangkaja Artists!

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