Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that the following pages may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

Andrick Ross is an atypical artist. Great football player, exceptional dancer and an epicurean, he has started to paint at his early age and began to paint for Epenarra Artists in his 20s. His homeland is located in the region of Ampilatwatja, in the South of Davenport Ranges. He has held many positions in different stations in parallel to his artist career, in Epenarra station and in Kurundi station.

Bold and vibrant, his paintings depict the life in outstation and cattle station surrounding Epenarra. One of the main focuses is the rain season and the traditional hunting. In many of his paintings, he pictures the temporary windbreakers that are built when men are going to hunt.

As a painter, he often combines bright colors zones to compose his playful landscapes often adding a flowing river or a waterhole. In its bold style, he can easily pass from the large brush to the finest one to add one of his characteristic figures in miniature. Passionate and taken in his stories, he can paint for hours in full attention.In his early paintings, he often refers to specific places such as Alkedra, Sunshine Creek, Kemarra Creek and Blue Sky Creek. Later, he has shifted to other topics such as night sky over landscape, portrait and focusing on patterns more than features.

His other interest is also cars, helicopter and all the vehicles with engine that add this modernity. Often fully equipped with tow bar, antenna, and flash colors, these cars are more than transport, they are an essential part of the male world in Central Australia.