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Lorna Corbett

Lorna Corbett

Lorna Corbett is born in Warrabri (Ali Curung) and she speaks Alyawarr. She stated to paint early as a child by listening her grand mother’s story from her father’s side. She will explain her about her country and she will paint about it.

She first work with Jenny Green when she introduced the l Anmatyerr and Alyawarr ladies to batik and made the first dictionnary English Alyawarr. Then Lorna received the help of Tim Jenning, from Mbantua Gallery in Alice Springs, who deliver her canvases, paints and brushes before she moved to Canteen Creek. In Canteen Creek, she carried on painting with Sue Richards, missionary at AIM, at the Church before join Canteen Creek Artists group led by Estelle Mick then Ursula Kurnoth.

Fiona Corbett, one of the major artist of Canteen Creek, is her sister and Yvette Philomac is her niece.

Artworks By Lorna Corbett