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Margaret Renee Kerinauia

Margaret Renee Kerinauia

Margaret Renee Kerinauia

DOB 24.8.78

Dance Tartiwarli (shark)

Skin Group: Pandanas

Father’s Country: Jamulampi, Melville Island

Mother’s Country: Oenpelli

Mediums:Ochre on paper , bark , bark baskets (tungas) and canvas. Acrylic on canvas.

Artist Statement:
I learnt how to paint from the old people, they used to
teach us at school. My grandfather, Jerry Kerinauia was an artist, we have the book at home.That’s why I decided to become an artist, to carry on the family tradition.
My mother’s uncle is an artist too. His name is Yiwala.
He is half Tiwi, half Kunwingku – like me.

Artworks By Margaret Renee Kerinauia