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Mary Peterson

Mary Peterson

Mary Peterson is born in Hatches Creek and is an Alyawarr speaker from Epenarra. She is the daughter of Jessie Peterson and the sister of Susie, Tracy and Tanya Peterson who are all painters for Epenarra for many years.

Mary started to paint with her mother, Jessie and her aunty Topsy Steppa, who told her their stories about anemangkarr, bush tomatoes, anaty, bush potatoes and water kwaty, rain story.

She participated to the workshops of China de la Vega in the Women’s centre building before getting involved in the art centre affiliated to Wolrd Vision with Liz Mullen.

She likes to paint Bush tuckers, flowers, landscape, traditional objects, cultural stories and hunting scene.

” I like painting when there is nothing to do, something else than being lazy, having headache”

Mary has been working for the nutrition program for a long time before it has been moved to Epenarra Outback store.

Artworks By Mary Peterson