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Ghost Net and Bush Dye Fabric Basket

Sharna Wurramara

ghost net, bush dye fabric


Ghost net weaving on Groote Eylandt includes  the creation of baskets, jewellery and sculptures by Anindilyakwa women in continuously changing ways,  incorporating  re-purposed textiles, bush dyed cotton and silks, occasionally even the artist’s skirt! Recent developments include the use of recycled jeans from thrift shops and salvaged sari  silk from ‘The Stitching Project ‘, a women’s social enterprise in India.

Anindilyakwa artists have well and truly established their ghost net and plant dying weaving practices, with several artists receiving National recognition  with their ghost net baskets. In May 2018, Umbakuma artist, Maicie Lalara was a finalist in the Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize with her series of three baskets ‘Gathering Family – Father, Mother and Baby Basket’

She says:

‘I do it all night, maybe until the morning. I don’t sleep, because I like making the baskets so much. It is important for me for the future so I can show people my culture and how we still make baskets in the old ways and new ways‘.



Anindilyakwa Arts
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Anindilyakwa Arts

“Yarna yarnimamalya ena-langwa Ayangkidarrba akwa
Amakalyakba-langwa yarna yirriyangbina-maAnindilyakwa ayakwa
We are the people of Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Islands and we all speak the Anindilyakwa language”

Anindilyakwa Arts is a not-for-profit, Indigenous owned community Art Centre, on the Groote Archipelago in the Gulf of Carpenteria .Whilst the Art Centre is well known for the female led initiative of bush dyed silks, their  extensive art range also includes ghost net baskets, lino prints, screen prints, homewares and jewellery. The Anindilyakwa Arts men’s program commenced at the start 2019, and has further extended the product range to didgeridoos, paintings and carvings.

Finalists in the 2020 National Indigenous Fashion Awards, their spirit of innovation is demonstrated once again, not only in the reflective material they have repurposed from mine workers shirts, but also in their sustainable and gathered materials, such as pandanas, bush dyes and ghost nets,  which are used as a  common thread from which to create.

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