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Stone Fish. # 152-20

Christine Holroyd

Ghost Net Sculpture



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Stonefish inhabit our waters. He sometimes catch them with hook and line. When we catch one we usually can shake it off the hook or have to be very careful not to be stabbed by venomous spikes. When we drag a net we do not lift our feet we drag them in the sand. This way our feet bump against them and sting rays also who also have a poison barb. Bumping them lets them swim away without stabbing us. If you step on one you will get stabbed. This is their place and you have to show respect for them.




Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Incorporated

Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre Incorporated was formed in 2009. Pormpuraaw is a beautiful place located in Cape York Peninsula on the gulf of Carpentaria. We are rich in language speakers, culture and talented artists. We are most known for our print making, painting and sculptures made from recycled ghost nets. Ghost Net is the term we use for illegally abandoned fishing nets by commercial fishing boats. These nets drift on ocean currents and continue to kill marine life for no reason. We also publish important cultural manuscripts and film making in language. We have exhibited nationally and internationally. Our work has been collected by many important collections and institutions. http://Pormpuraaw Art & Culture (fcp1)-H.264

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Shipping will take time please be patient. Pormpuraaw is a remote community with only one full-time employee. Work located here in Pormpuraaw will be sent AUS post. This applies to all prints, paintings and small carvings. Our post office can be difficult expect delays. Large ghost net sculptures stored in Cairns will be brought to Cairns Pack and Send and the purchaser will be responsible for engaging their services.

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Full refunds are possible if done in a timely manner. Tax invoices from refund will be required.

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